The connections between on-set an post production


Some of the UK's most talented editors and state-of-the-art facilities

Cutting rooms

Comfortable, hi-spec suites for perfecting you masterpiece

Remote and cloud

Edit wherever you want, whenever you want


From subtle simulations to epic spectacles


Enhance your storytelling with mesmerising CGI and animation

Picture finishing

We understand the impact of colour on storytelling


Complete audio post-production including ADR and VO recording studio

QC and delivery

We'll make sure you get exactly what you need


Dailies are the vital connection between on-set production and post-production. During the dailies process, we evaluate, normalise and process all the sound and image data captured during each shoot day. 

We use all our experience to make the dailies process quick, smooth and reliable. This matters, because your producers, directors, cinematographers, editors and the rest of your production team rely on dailies to make important creative and technical decisions.


We provide some of the UK's most talented editors and offer state-of-the-art editing facilities in our Farringdon post-production studio.

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Cutting rooms

Our comfortable, serviced offline rooms are the perfect space for assembling, fine-tuning, and perfecting your final product. All our suites are equipped with the latest editing equipment, monitors, storage options and software like Avid, Premiere, or any other NLE. We also provide NEXIS storage, our own internal brand of storage SAN NAS, LTO archiving and back-up.

A host of top TV series and feature films have recently been completed in our cutting rooms, including ITV’s Grace and The Bay, Euston Films' Nightsleeper for the BBC and Ray Burdis feature Miss the Kiss.

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Remote and cloud services

With our remote solution, we can process your dailies while you're still on set, so you can start your edit from wherever you are in the world.

We offer cloud-based editing and storage with the revolutionary Avid Edit on Demand, a full virtual post-production environment in the cloud, which is not exclusive to Avid software. The virtual service allows you to use the Adobe suite and other contemporary products to facilitate your specific workflow.

This solution means editors are not chained down to a specific location and can edit where they want, when they want. Built with Avid's leading Media Composer, NEXIS storage and the latest cloud infrastructure, Avid Edit on Demand allows you to expand your network of talent and take on editors immediately from anywhere in the world. 


Our VFX team specialises in a wide range of effects, from realistic simulations to fantastical elements. Whether you need subtle enhancements or incredible spectacles, we bring your ideas to life with precision and flair.

We recently produced visual effects for feature films like All You Need is Death, Miss the Kiss and Within Sand, as well as advertising campaigns for brands like NHS 111 for M&C Saatchi and IKEA for Mother and HELO.

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3D animation CGI

From concept development to modeling and rendering, our CGI experts transform your ideas into stunning, lifelike visuals. Whether it’s for film, advertising, or virtual experiences, we bring a high level of creativity and technical expertise to every project. We recently worked on the CGI for British feature film Miss The Kiss.

2D animation

Enhance your storytelling with mesmerising animations. Whether it’s character animations, motion graphics, or storyboarding, we’re here to breathe life into your ideas.

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Picture finishing

Our skilled colourists understand the impact of colour on storytelling. We work closely with you to enhance the visual narrative of your project, creating a cinematic experience that resonates with your audience.

We recently completed the colour grade for Paul Duane's horror feature All You Need is Death and art film Something is Brewing in the Pond for Kalliopi Lemos.

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If you're looking for a colourist, browse some reels at 1185Talent, our agency for freelance film and TV professionals.
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We offer a full audio post-production package which includes sound mixing (5.1 and stereo), sound design, sound editing, noise reduction, foley, voiceover & ADR, music editing and more. Our sound  facilities include an ADR and VO recording booth and control room.

We recently delivered the sound mix for Ray Burdis feature film Miss the Kiss and Sky Arts documentary Music is my Life, about iconic South African singer Joseph Shabalala and his band Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

QC and delivery

Broadcast, streaming or cinema

Our experienced team will complete quality control and deliver your film to whatever broadcaster, streamer or cinema your project requires. We'll make sure you get exactly what you need and all deliverables are outputted and supplied correctly for the chosen platform. We offer services such as Interoperable Master Format (IMF) for distribution to multiple destinations.

Archiving and storage

We can handle all your storage requirements and logistics including hard drives, RAIDs, FTPs and cloud solutions, as well as offline delivery planning, sound, OMF delivery, LTO backups for insurance and more.

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