Post Super: 1185 Films’ New Facility – Kirby Street Post

Post Super: 1185 Films’ New Facility – Kirby Street Post

"1185 Films’ new post-production facility at Kirby Street Post has captured the imagination of the industry’s top talent, including the legendary Ray Burdis for an upcoming British gangster film, the Saudi Arabian award-winner Within Sand, as well as ITV with acclaimed shows such as Grace and The Bay.

“We loved working with 1185 Films. They can do everything. The VFX were spectacular. We really look forward to working with them for our next projects.” Ray Burdis – Director of Miss the Kiss, Fugitive Film Productions.

Over the last year, 1185 Films has seen its portfolio expanding dramatically, producing, supervising and creating VFX for film productions across the world. But our VFX work is part of a larger offering: 1185 is made of a team of talented creators with expertise in a vast array of fields across the film industry. 1185 Films was founded in 2002 as a full-service film production company by producer and director Nick Franco. Award-winning executive producers Chris Cowey, Dave Wilson, and acclaimed cinematographer Eugene O’Connor
soon joined the company. Since then, with a team that constantly expands in size, we have worked to offer clients a full production package, from pre-production all the way to post- production and delivery. In the last year, we have moved to Kirby Street, Farringdon, in a charismatically-designed new studio, furnished with seven versatile edit suites, a sound booth and mixing suite, HDR monitors and grading spaces. We are also proud to offer clients Avid Edit on Demand solutions along with expanding the range of services with Avid. "

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