Broadcast Tech: Open AI’s Sora – Industry Reacts

Broadcast Tech: Open AI’s Sora – Industry Reacts

“OpenAI’s Sora has caused quite a stir among content creators and the industry at large.

There’s been something of a collective intake of breath as the industry struggles to digest a series of videos showcasing the impressive abilities of the GenAI platform.

The text-to-video model appears to have catapulted AI-crafted video to the next level, producing realistic looking content that can seemingly bring to life any ideas you can think of. Put in your prompts and out comes a picture-perfect visualisation.

Sora creates videos up to one minute, featuring highly detailed scenes, complex camera motion, and “multiple characters with vibrant emotions,” says OpenAI.

The impressions of VFX, post-production and production professionals on the potentially game-changing text-to-video platform. Among them, our own Head of VFX Simon Wilkinson voiced his opinion on the subject.

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