Eggshell Blue

Set in 1977 Britain, this oneiric coming of age drama focuses on six pivotal school holidays ten-year-old Martin experiences following the divorce of his parents.

Distanced by a six-hour train journey, and an inestimable cultural divide, Martin’s life becomes a jarring set of contrasts. In Pontypridd, South Wales he lives on a council estate with his mother and her new boyfriend; in leafy Durham he stays with his father, a famous documentary maker, who now shares a bohemian home with a writer and her two children, Fiona and Oscar.

As punk music draws Martin’s attention in Wales, in Durham the teenage Fiona becomes the focus for his confused, liminal emotions. Both are potent emblems of an adult world, only one a depository of complicit shame that gradually unravels as Martin uncovers the terrible, disturbing truth about his father and Fiona, a shocking revelation that will change his life forever.

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