The Real Gentlemen: Britain's Criminal Toffs


An exploration of the criminal exploits of the UK’s aristocracy, from current times to the distant past. A wry tone, excepting recent cases (eg Constance Marten), which we may or may not decide to include, and those who had suffered from genuine mental health conditions. Location footage, sparing use of appropriate film clips, and suitable talking heads including commentators, historians and perhaps Lord Brocket himself. Some reconstructed scenes to punch up the narrative, where appropriate. And maybe a few toffs we know personally, such as the artist Henry ‘Harry’ Thomas Alexander Erskine, 18th Earl of Buchan, who undoubtedly has an opinion on the nefarious activities of certain peers (sic) and will serve as our Creative Consultant to ensure authenticity. We will stick with genuine hereditary aristos. rather than ennobled politicians or life peers though - with the notable exception of creepy Krays hanger-on, Tory Lord Boothby.

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