Frankie Caradonna


As a multidisciplinary artist, film director and creative director I love to bring my unique perspective and holistic, innovative approach to an industry that values hybrid and out-of- the-ordinary creativity. With a passion for storytelling, design, art and tech, a keen eye for detail, and a solid predisposition for empathy and narrative storytelling, I am excited by producing high- quality, relevant, impactful work that exceeds expectations. An extraordinary conceptual thinker at the forefront of creativity, whose expertise lies in crafting magic realism experiences and emotions through classic and new extraordinary narratives, pioneering new advertising and artistic formats with an unwavering commitment to stay at the cutting edge of filmmaking and technology. My work showcases a harmonious blend of technical mastery, forward-thinking attitude and artistic finesse aligning with the rapidly evolving digital landscapes. My portfolio spans beyond traditional, with crafted live-action storytelling, full CGI projects, AR creations, AI innovations, interactive stories, real-time animations, and holograms to name a few.

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