Annette Holzwarth


Annette Holzwarth

In Alignment: the work of Annette Holzwarth

Directed by Nick Franco and produced by David Edmunds, this film showcases and explores the work of visionary painter Annette Holzwarth.

"The paintings of Annette Holzwarth belong within the tradition of Western abstraction ... her paintings' relation to that almost forgotten spiritual dimension of abstraction is evident in her unusual choices of media, and in unique working practices of her own devising." Simon Bill.

Annette uses crystals, both as a painting medium and as painting tools. Each painting opens you up, opens the portal to your higher dimension and gets you into an effortless state of meditation. Her work extends and departs from the strong tradition of painting defined by the canonical figures she admires, such as Asger Jorn and Willem de Kooning.

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