My Name is Swan


Crossing the Border – poetry and film

East End Film Festival world premiere for 1185 Films

We are proud to announce our collaboration with filmmaker Adam Carr on the production of “My Name Is Swan.” We completed all post-production work including edit, studio camerawork, grade and effects by Nick Franco and Ernie Pay. “My Name is Swan” was launched to a full house at the East End Film Festival (EEFF), with a Q&A hosted by Travis Elborough. This film now embarks on a journey to film festivals across the globe. The short is about a poem written by EEFF poet in residence Jan Noble, who narrates and stars in the film, with music by Samuel Kilcoyne and Takatsuna Mukai.

“My Name Is Swan,” declares Jan Noble. “Where I know I’m not wanted, this is where I belong.” His epic tale tells of the edges - the periphery of the city and those on its margins. Adam Carr’s accompanying film, part 'Night of The Hunter' part 'Robinson in Space' takes us along the narrow-ways and rivers, with stars full and bible-black, litter glittering like supernovae. This is a contemplative meditation on the marginalised. “There are corners of this water known only to itself.” In the still black waters of 'My Name Is Swan', the audience watches its own reflection.

Johnny Dark, 2017

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