Making the Betway SA20 Trophy




Brand: Betway
Client: T+W

We made a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the meticulous work of the highly skilled team of designers and master craftsmen at elite sporting trophy makers Thomas Lyte when making the Betway SA20 Trophy, the biggest prize in South African sport. This 24-carat gold and silver plated masterpiece was to be unveiled to the nation ahead of the opening match in January 2023.

The workshops at Thomas Lyte have a rich history of producing some of the most esteemed pieces of silverware in global sports, including the ICC Test World Championship Mace and the ICC T20 World Cup Crown.

Crafted over a period of 300 hours, the Betway SA20 Trophy stands at an impressive height of 60cm and weighs 14kg. It features six handles, each one representing the six franchises participating in the tournament.

“The shoot was broken up into five sections, for each stage of the manufacturing process – assembly, firing, polishing, plating and engraving. Each segment has slo-mo and macro shots for detail, over-the-shoulder documentary-style shots with the workmen explaining what they’re doing and slider shots of the men and women at work. At the end of the rushes is the master interview, which was shot on three cameras - tight, mid and a wide slider shot. The audio on the tight shot is from a radio mic and the mid shot uses an overhanging shotgun mic. We made sure all questions from the script were covered, as well as the “that’s cricket!” line at the end, delivered a few times. There is also some natural laughter from the contributors, which is nice. Overall, it was a very positive and enjoyable shoot.”

Alex Webster, Director

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