TransferWise: RIP hidden fees


House of Experience

Brand: TransferWise
Client: House of Experience

Halloween stunt on London streets goes viral

Wise (previously TransferWise) is a money transfer service that has ripped up the rulebook by introducing a fairer, smarter way to send money abroad. Working closely with marketing agency House of Experience, they wanted to gain media attention through customer engagement.

Nick Franco of 1185 Commercial worked with Daniel Suava of TransferWise. The initial brief was simply to capture a ‘Day of the Dead'-style stunt, the day before Halloween. The event involved filming 100 ‘protesters’ who appear to rampage the city streets while barely dressed, reflecting the fact they have ‘nothing to hide – no hidden fees’.

1185 Commercial had the challenge of creating an engaging video shot on London’s streets, showing the participants' and spectators’ reactions. It had to be shot and edited in just one day, with the intention of creating a film that would quickly go viral.

We had worked with House of Experience before and they were confident that we would deliver something impressive. It was an exercise in guerrilla filmmaking. As we had no control over the event, we were effectively passengers on the rollercoaster ride of our client’s creative vision, reacting as proceedings unfolded.

What we successfully captured on film was the intense energy of this stunning and sudden shoot. Within twelve hours of the film’s release on TransferWise's Facebook page, our film had engaged 225,000 viewers, and within 48 hours the campaign had truly gone viral with 725,000 views.


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