Projected Figures Review: All You Need Is Death

Projected Figures Review: All You Need Is Death

"All You Need Is Death opens with a police video in the aftermath of its principal narrative, as an unseen garda interviews a drunken Dublin pub singer (Sean Fitzgerald) about his oblique intersection with recent events. “I heard she was practically eaten,” says the singer – and even if the garda immediately sets aside this comment (“That’s not we’re here to talk about”), the singer’s words serve as retrospective foreshadowing of horrors that have allegedly already happened, but are still (for the viewer at least) yet to come.

Time works mysteriously in writer/director/producer Paul Duane’s uncanny feature. Young Dublin folk singer Anna (Simone Collins) and stammering Eastern European émigré Aleks (Charlie Maher) are a thoroughly modern couple obsessed with the undiscovered songs of Ireland’s history, which they record digitally (and often surreptitiously) to sell on to a shadowy demimonde of collectors (who resemble Lynchian gangsters, and have clandestine nocturnal meetings outside abandoned factories). "

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