Italy24: The Beautiful Song of Once - All You Need Is Death Review

Italy24: The Beautiful Song of Once  - All You Need Is Death Review


For once I want to start by writing one of those generalist site things that make little sense and also annoy me a bit because they seem to be made on purpose to create a division between potential viewers, but so be it: All You Need is Death it’s not a film for everyone (actually it’s not a film for anyone but for some, yes, I’ll explain later). Do you understand why it bothers me? I’ll speak well of it because I liked it a lot, and if you find it disgusting it might seem like my speech wanted to hide a certain air of superiority, like “ah but if you don’t understand it it’s because you’re not up to it”. No! It’s just a really… strange movie?

Phew, another banality. “Strange” in the sense of deconstructed and hallucinatory, with a flabby backbone let’s say, a film that can be explained almost only through images that in turn are intentionally dreamlike, alienating, psychedelic, suggestive. It is a folk horror, perhaps the most folk horror of all the folk horror films of the last ten and something years in which it seems that the genre has in some inexplicable way returned to fashion. Not a folk horror for mass consumption, of those that “here is a forest, here is a village, here is an ancient tradition, here is the elder who explains the local legends about the terrible gaping demon”; not one of those stories of modern people who wander into a crystallized antiquity and come out with a terrible case of the death plague."

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