Something is Brewing in the Pond


Kalliopi Lemos

a unique art film about circular time

The celebrated fine artist Kallopi Lemos approached 1185 Films to produce her art film Something is Brewing in the Pond, a meditation on circular time, spirituality and our relationship with nature. The film draws from the work of anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss and presents an argument for the role of the ritual as a basic human necessity.

Something is Brewing in the Pond was written and directed by Kalliopi Lemos, and produced by Nick Franco at 1185 Films. The film incorporated Kalliopi Lemos’s artwork Ritual Garments as the costumes for the performers, and made use of avant-garde techniques such as the triptych.

Director of Photography – Patrick Jordan
Producer –  Nick Franco
Camera Assistant – Conor McCormick
Sound – Louis Boniface
DIT – Ernie Pay
Production Assistant – Ionut Mirica

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